18 Mar 2018

So you’re currently looking for a new job, but nervous where to even begin. Between creating a resume, applying for jobs you may feel you aren’t qualified for and attending interviews, the whole process can seem scary and unappealing. The key to pushing through the process is to be confident. Playing up your confidence will help you apply to a job you may be uncertain of and attract the attention of potential employers.


Your first step is to create a resume that reflects who you are. Don’t be shy here! If you were a retail associate but did the responsibilities of a manager, explain that. If you have certifications and awards under your belt, don’t think it’s insignificant. Especially in today’s market, if you speak more than on language, write it down! The more you value your skills and recognize your qualifications, the closer you are on the road to self-confidence.

Once you have your killer resume, use it to your advantage! Apply for a position that may seem out of reach or you feel you may be unqualified for. Often times, people are scared to apply to a job because they tell themselves that there’s someone who is better qualified,and who knows, there very well could be. But don’t let negative self talk prevent you from applying because if you don’t take the risk, you’ll never know if you would have been offered the job. Believe that you are the most qualified person for the job and practice selling yourself and your skill set when filling out applications.

Once an invitation to interview is received, this is when your confidence sells the most. The potential employer clearly saw something in you, so now is your chance to prove them right. Whether it’s a phone, video chat, or in-person interview, sit tall, take a deep breathe, and prove to your interviewer that you are the most qualified candidate. Shake his or her hand, keep good posture, and make eye contact. All these nonverbal cues are picked up more often than you may believe.

Everybody has gone through or will go through the job interview process in their life. Employers know it can be intimidating, but use this to your advantage and show him or her that you have faith in your abilities and will bring a lot to the table. The more confident you come across at your interview, the more likely you are to land the job.