06 Jun 2018

Being rejected from your dream job can be crushing. You spent hours researching the company and updating your resume. You nailed your interview, you said everything you should have, but then you received the email a week later informing they found a better fit for the position but thanks for your interest. This seems to be the dead end, you feel like you’re unqualified or not smart enough and that you’re alone. Wrong. You’re not alone in this and I guarantee people you know have been in the same position. A year ago, I applied for the FBI, feeling that I was the most qualified applicant; I was soon to graduate from the University of Miami, I had years of experience interning with different organizations including the United States Coast Guard and I have family in the government. How could I not be chosen? My point is, you may have been just as qualified as the person who was offered the job, but when it came down to the decision, they had to pick someone.

Don’t let this rejection discourage you, let it empower you. Okay, so you didn’t get it, so what. There’s thousands of jobs out there that are waiting to be filled. Use this time to reflect on yourself and figure out what it is you really want to do. Take me again as example, I majored in public relations, but have absolutely no interest in working for a firm- which is what university had trained me for during my time as an undergraduate. Your interests may change, and in the face of rejection, it’s best to look at the broad picture. It’s one event in the course of your life that didn’t go as expected and you have to move on from it and not let it define you.

By letting rejection define you, you allow yourself to succumb to failure. Be stronger than the rejection letters and show the job market that you are in fact a valuable asset that will contribute talent to the field you’re looking to be employed it. By resisting the idea of failure, you grow as an individual and strengthen your confidence and perseverance, both of which are valuable qualities to posses.

Here’s my advice. Keep applying to jobs, because the position will find you, just have to give it time. Don’t give up after one rejection, because you will never go anywhere in life if you stop at the sight of one obstacle. I’m a firm believer in the ideal that everything happens for a reason. If you were denied from your dream job, it means that it wasn’t the best fit for your skill set and talents. Your place in the job market will find itself, sometimes it takes time, trial and error, and above all, patience.